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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Haven't been here in a while.  Been busy doing this, doing that, living life....

But I just have to share these blogs with you.  They are 25 Rules for Parents with Daughters and 25 Things Every Father Must Teach His Daughter About Life.  I wish I had known them when I was a very impressionable young lady.  Oh, the trouble and torment I would have avoided!!

Read these rules with an open mind and sense of humor, and show or read them to your daughter(s) when they are ready, although it's never too soon to start teaching her to love herself!!

I have added a couple of rules to these lists, and you can see the comments at the end of blogs for even more:

1.  Teach your daughter that the truth will always prevail. That when you tell the truth you don't have to remember it, because the truth never changes.
2.  Teach her that she is NOT her body, but her mind and character, and that no matter what mistakes she makes, she has the ability to transform herself into who she knows she can be. It is NEVER too late!

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